Exciting Things Ahead!

Hello and welcome to The Divorce Transition Professionals (DTP), the #1 networking group for divorce professionals.

We are currently transitioning to a new website. Please excuse the dust as we upgrade our website to accommodate the incredible growth that we have experienced in 2018. Although you will see some of our chapters and member information on this website, it is not currently being updated. So, visit us again soon, please!

In 2017, the DTP was transformed from a study group (which it had been for 9 years) to a professional membership-based networking group. We had one chapter, in Westlake Village, that first year. Then, following several requests for additional chapters, the first quarter of 2018, saw our ranks grow to five chapters, then to eight. Now, in 2019, we have twelve chapters, in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, spanning from Pasadena and Santa Monica to Camarillo and Ventura and in many places in between. New chapters are being formed almost every month and new members are joining us almost every day. Most important is that while we, as professionals, are growing our businesses, we are also, as our tag line states, ‘Making Divorce Just a Little Bit Easier’™.

If you are a professionals that works in the divorce space, at least some of the time, please feel free to visit a chapter near you. We look forward to meeting you. You are also welcome to contact me directly on my cell phone at (818) 606-7327 or neil@thewealthcreatorcompany.com. Thank you for visiting and may 2019 be your best year yet.

Neil Palache

Founder – The Divorce Transition Professionals