The Divorce Transition Professionals (DTP)
Woodland Hills Chapter


Michael Teplinsky
Attorney - Family Law

Hello, my name is Michael Teplinsky and I am the Chapter Leader of this dedicated group of professionals.
We are each dedicated to working together through this network, to support anyone with divorce related challenges.

Listed below are the current members of the The Divorce Transition Professionals (DTP) - Woodland Hills Chapter.
To learn more about each of us, please click on our names.


Kirk Bell
Financial Advisor

Michael Burke
Financial Advisor

Jennifer Leighton
Divorce Financial Planner

Jennifer Maraia
Residential Realtor

Brian Metz
Financial Advisor

Charles Morse
Life Insurance Agent

Patti Smith
Life Coach

Debbie Sreden
Life Insurance Agent

Ali Talai
Attorney - Estate Law

Douglas Wolf
Attorney - Family Law